I’m an aspiring environmental writer, who was born and raised in Rockaway Beach, Queens, NYC. My studies of the environmental field brought me to Upstate New York, Texas, France, Vermont, and Costa Rica. During this time, I grew excited about urban agriculture’s potential for environmental sustainability by allowing people to grow healthy and nutritious food right here in the city. I also became aware of the powerful tool that writing has in depicting the environmental challenges of our time, and began this blog to practice my writing skills (originally called “Sustainable Future Through Food”).

More recently, I’ve become fascinated by hydroponic systems and their ability to produce food quickly using less water and nutrient inputs in underutilized spaces. I am still exploring how sustainable this method of growing is, and hope to detail what I learn here in my writings.

My intention with this blog is to explore the impacts of our actions on the natural world, and ultimately human health, by exposing our willingness to believe that more technology will save us from the real limits that physical reality present to us and the globalized industrial economy. Rather than recognize our limits, our environmental leaders embrace the idea of a ‘Green-Tech’ future as though we can continue down this path without major consequences. This blog aims to shed light on these impacts and potential alternative solutions for living more sustainably.

Instagram: @Matthew_Gerard_